Advent Admin and Account


Self Assessment

Tax need not be taxing but it usually is.  Unless there is a good basis for preparing this, you could end up paying too much or too little tax.  If you pay too much tax it is not good for business.  If you pay too little tax, HMRC will come back for their money and the timing might not suit you. HMRC will issue a fine of £100 if you file your tax returns late even if you do not get a refund.  This amount increases with time.

We ensure that you pay the right amount of tax and on time. 


A well organised account is a good basis for a thriving business.  It shows what level the business is at in money terms.  This helps you understand your business better and to plan activities and make decisions that will progress the business.  

We will help keep your accounts organised on an ongoing, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.


VAT return takes up time.  A lot can happen between compiling invoices and getting the final information to send to the tax office.  This needs to be done well to avert any problems with HMRC.

We could bundle VAT returns with bookkeeping or offer sole VAT preparation if you choose to do your bookkeeping yourself.


You get paid after you send your invoices.  So, the earlier you send these invoices the sooner you get paid.  This ensures that there is enough cash in your account and that you are able to pay your bills and realise profits faster.

We will send your invoices as fast as they materialise to encourage early payments.

Management Accounts

This information helps you understand the business and gives you what you need to make decisions about the business.  It helps identify what is being done right and what needs improving to enable the business to thrive.

We provide these management accounts and also help with improving business processes.

Credit Control

Sometimes customers fail to pay for things at the agreed time.  This does not help business.  There needs to be control over who owes money and by how much and when it gets paid.

We provide the skilled service of ensuring that customers pay.

Bank Account Reconciliations

Once business starts to grow, volume of entries increase and a good tab needs to be kept on the recording of these items.  This puts the account in good form for management and other information to be collated. Bank account reconciliations in particular inform what payments and receipts are still outstanding and form a good basis for business decisions.

We provide expert services that deal with backlog as well.


As business expands and staff get hired, payroll becomes a necessity.  When this is done professionally it frees up time and enables you to concentrate on main business.

General Administration

Data entry, proof reading, report writing, handling correspondence and taking minutes of meetings and any ad hoc tasks.